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Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Puppy - Dry

Natural ingredients perfectly balanced for growing puppies
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Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Puppy 4.5 5 18 18
Highly recommended! As a vet student I'm looking for the best quality of food for the best price- and I know I can always turn to Hills for whatever my specific needs are. I have a 10 week old puppy and wanted to make sure she's getting the nutrition she needs from a brand that does feed trials to ensure nutrition and safety but I was also looking for a product that had less additives and no wheat. Ideal Balance Puppy Food was exactly what I was looking for and after the initial adjustment period of switching to Ideal Balance, my puppy actually loved it enough for me to use it during training. The kibble is about ½" in diameter, perfect for little puppy mouths and my little one has been growing great on it! December 19, 2013
Highly recommend for those that want a "NATURAL" food There is a lot of info in the media regarding all natural pet food. Pet stores will recommend a brand, television ads recommend another, many breeders recommend RAW diet, and veterinarians recommend something else. This food is great because it provides a well balanced diet, meat is the first ingredient, but it's made from a well - known, FDA approved company at an FDA approved facility. My puppy has been on it from the seven weeks old and he is now seven months old. We have noticed that he has not had the diarrhea issues many pups his age have had and he has grown to a very healthy weight. December 19, 2013
Helping me raise a healthy pup! My husband and I adopted a hound-lab mix puppy from a rescue two months ago and unfortunately, she had skin issues that caused hair loss and a dull coat. She was treated with medication and special shampoo initially, but I strongly believe this food aided in her recovery as well! Now, her hair is growing back quickly and her coat is soft and shiny. I love how nutritious this formula is and she loves it too. I've since switched my other dog to the Ideal Balance Adult Formula and plan on switching my puppy over once she reaches a year. Nutritious food, fair price, and two healthy dogs. What more could I ask for? December 13, 2013
Great food Switched my lab mix puppy to this food several months ago after trying a variety of different foods. I wanted her to have well balance nutrition but I was tired of paying so much for food. This seems to be a good deal, much cheaper than what I was buying, but from a trusted brand. I loved seeing chicken as the #1 ingredient and all the other ingredients in this food. Definitely something I feel comfortable feeding my puppy. She loves the taste and is very healthy and happy. Definitely sticking with this brand when she hits 1 year. November 23, 2014
Wouldn't eat it I tried transitioning my beagle puppy onto this food, but she refused to eat it. We were transitioning from a high end priced and high protein food and she just refused to eat it. I would have to encourage her by adding warm water or bringing the food to her. Had her checked out by a vet and everything is fine. It's strange that she wouldn't eat it, especially since she's a beagle. I was worried about the protein in the previous food being too high and wanted her on a more "balanced" diet. I was really disappointed because Hills is a brand I trust. I thought maybe this had too much grain in it and not enough Chicken Meal, since it's lower on the ingredient list and that is the reason why she wouldn't eat it. She loved the oven baked treats though. November 19, 2014
Puppy and his digestive system likes this product. We introduced our puppy to this food slowly. It has agreed with him and we also use it for training purposes. Duncan (our pup) likes the flavor and transition from his first food went very smoothly. I wish the price was a little lower but I guess you get what you pay for. We want a healthy puppy and the food seems to be helping to achieve that. October 10, 2014
Needs a snap type enclosure and adjust feeding portion size down I think that the puppy size kibble should also be in large bag sizes for a better value. I have an Airedale puppy and she eats a lot of food but I have to buy the small bags; therefore, I spend more on small bags than on a large bag. Also, your portion size suggestions on the bag are very inflated. My vet also confirmed that you should change your portion sizes - way too much food is suggested on the bags. It is a good nutritional food; however, due to its cost, you need to offer more than two coupons per quarter. Competitors offer coupons all the time; hence they make more sales. Thank you. August 26, 2014
Great I switched to Hills Ideal Balance for puppies and my puppy loves it too. She is eating great. I will never change again. She is a very picky eater and it took us a while to get something she actually loves. August 9, 2014
Edison really enjoys it! My puppy is satisfied with this food and eats the proper portion without seeming like he is still hungry when it's gone. YAY - a puppy food that fills a puppy belly! July 31, 2014
I like the balanced nutrition the product offers. I like the balanced nutrition the product offers. Good value and trusted name in dog food. Seems easy on my puppies stomach. March 4, 2014
My puppies seem to love the taste and are growing well on this diet As a veterinarian, nutrition is a large component of patient care. It plays a role in all aspects of patient health. Science Diet is a company that can be trusted. The diets are well balanced and supported 100% by the company. December 31, 2013
My pets love this food My pets love this food. Very palitable. No trouble when transferring from one diet to another. Great price! December 19, 2013
Lower your prices My pup loves the stuff. Also she has a steady movement and I believe it's this food. Her coat is shiny and healthy looking and feeling. November 20, 2013
AMAZING!! My puppy would get sick all the time and refuse to eat. My vet and I tried numerous types of food and he was just to picky. She had me try Ideal balance because he was itchy all the time, would get upset stomach which caused him to refuse to eat, and had bad puppy dandruff. we started him on ideal balance and he loved it. no more scratching, no more dandruff and he isn't throwing up anymore. found out he was sensitive to corn and grain. PERFECT PUPPY FOOD ALL AROUND!! October 12, 2013
My dog seems to like the food. I have to say that my puppy had dandruff, and after using the Ideal Balance, his coat was shinny, and the dandruff seemed to clear up. He is all "puppy" and has a lot of energy. October 1, 2013
solved sensitive stomach issues After trying other puppy foods, we settled on hills ideal balance. My bernese/shepard mix apparently has a sensitive stomach and rejected other puppy foods but we have been on ideal balance now for three months without any issues. What a relief. August 18, 2013
Love this product We have owned 3 Shar-pei's, all of which ate Science Diet. When we got our new puppy she was allergic to almost everything. We tried several different foods at a very costly price and nothing helped. We were about to try another when I saw a commercial for Ideal Balance, and called our vet. It wasn't available in stores so he ordered it for us. It was amazing within 2 days Ivey Bleu had stopped scratching and biting her feet. We are forever loyal customers, and appreciate that you saw the need for this food and answered that need. Thank You!!! June 29, 2013
This product promotes health benefits I feed my puppies Hills Science Diet puppy food. I purchased Ideal Balance puppy food when the local pet store promoted it in its circular. The puppy food must taste great, because my puppies devoured it! I purchased a small bag and found that it was gone very quickly. I know that I am feeding my puppies well with this product. That is important to me, as my puppies are my family. Thank you! June 10, 2013
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