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Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult - Dry

Natural ingredients perfectly balanced
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Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult 4.9 5 29 29
This food is great. My dog is very picky with her food. I tried many different kinds of food from canned to dry and nothing seemed to make her eat. Then, I found Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe and I am very happy with it. My dog loves it and can't get enough of it when I feed her. I am very glad I found her delicious and nutritious food. Thank You. October 7, 2013
Excellent product description on bag We have a extremely picky eater and not to mention a dog that has food allergies, so when we found Hill's Ideal Balance we thought we would give it a try. Normally we have to beg him to eat, but he loves this food. He's been eating it now for over a month and his coat is nice and shiny and he's not shedding as much and he seems to have a much happier digestive system as well. So I should say we are all happy. October 4, 2013
Good food my dog loves My boxer really enjoys this food. The kibbles are easy enough for him to grab, he doesn't eat too fast or slow. His coat looks nice and I have no complaints with him on this food as far as stool or gas, very regular and solid. I enjoy having a food that has the research behind it by using Science Diet/Hills/Ideal Balance brand. The only downside to me is the price, but it's comparable to any other quality food. September 7, 2013
My dogs love it! I bought this to mix in with my dog's regular food when they started getting finicky - this may well become their new regular food. They really like it and gobble down their food now. I like knowing that's is balanced and good for them! May 29, 2013
Wonderful product My Golden absolutely loves Ideal Balance. I have noticed since switching him to Hill's, his coat is now silky, shiny and so soft. He looks healthier than he did before. Thank you Hill's. May 19, 2013
Good for dogs with sensitive stomach I put my yorkie poo on it about a month ago because she would have days that she wouldn't eat anything. She has a sensitive stomach and I have tried a lot of brands but they would make her stomach rumble and growl. Since she has been on the Ideal Balance, she hasn't missed a day of eating. She doesn't scratch as much and she has a lot more energy. So glad I found this. April 18, 2013
Great Taste My dog's cannot get enough of this food. They literally lick the bowls once they are done. They've never licked their bowls in the past with other dog food. Also, my little girl's coat is so super soft since she switch over to Hill's Ideal Balance. I would definitely recommend it! March 18, 2014
My dog's love it! I love the fact that I can provide my dogs with a food that is not only great for them and all natural, but that they absolutely love to eat! I have never seen them respond so well to a food before, and I will continue to buy it for them as long as you make it. February 28, 2014
Great Product! I love feeding my dogs a healthy dog food without all the extras. February 27, 2014
This Product has great quality My dogs absolutely love this food... I put it down and by the time I put it down it is gone! February 14, 2014
Loves it Our dogs love the taste of this dog food!! I like the fact that Fresh chicken is the #1 Ingredient ! February 13, 2014
My little dog enjoys eating Ideal Balance Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe! She finishes her food completely and her stool is very soft. My little dog enjoys eating Hill’s Ideal Balance small breed Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe! She finishes her food completely and her stool is very soft. With this food, she has a bowel movement regularly the very next early morning, so it makes my day go better and I can plan my day well. Thanks Hill’s for this product! I wish this bag was priced low, so it could be affordable to most people. February 10, 2014
excellent nutrition we have used science diet for years and decided to try your new ideal balance ,we use the cans and use the small breed dry ,our dogs just love this new food the only problem we have is we would really like to get the bigger bags January 10, 2014
Awsome food my dogs a very picky eaters so picky that they rather not eat if the dont like their food. i tryed the ideal balance formula for puppys first and they ate all the food right up they even moved their bowls to get more. i love this new brand of food. December 21, 2013
Good quality and small pieces This food has small pieces which my dog likes and its good quality which gives me peace of mind knowing my pet is getting the best and it comes in a variety if glaciers which is nice December 19, 2013
good I have used Hill's Science food exclusively for both my cats and dogs for many, many years. It doesn't matter what breed, size, or condition - Hill's has a food that fits the situation. I have always been 100% satisfied. I worked for a vet for 14 years and Hill Science was our biggest seller and always the first brand we would recommend because we knew it worked. December 19, 2013
Paddy Approved Our Wheaton mix Paddy loves the Ideal Balance. She's offered both the canned & dry and enjoys all of it. December 19, 2013
This food is great! Both of my dogs love the Ideal Balance. Their coats are much better looking with less dry skin since switching to this food. They really enjoy it as well! December 19, 2013
Highly Recommend Ideal Balance We have fed all of pets, cats and dogs, Science Diet food. It is recommended by our veterinarian. Our present dog, Abbi, has been on Ideal Balance since we adopted her last year. She cannot seem to get enough of it and eats it morning and night. We tried other food a couple of times and keep going back to Ideal Balance. I am sharing a picure of Abbi at her training graduation. She is wearing her school colors. Thank you. October 15, 2013
Good food My dog loves this food. It is good quality. I get comments all the time about how good his coat looks too. I had him on the regular adult fitness before and noticed that the ideal balance pieces are smaller. The bigger pieces seemed better for cleaning his teeth but this is good food and I will continue to buy. Ideal Balance has great ingredients! October 8, 2013
Good dog food that my dog really enjoys. My pit/lab pup really enjoys this food. She gobbles it up as soon as I place it in her bowl. While I enjoy the high-quality ingredients I wish it could be a little more budget friendly as my dog goes through a 15 pound bag in about a month and I'm shelling out more on dog food than I prefer. September 30, 2013
My pet loved it! My pet really loved the taste of this food. The food looked fresh and the ingredients were healthy. But I was very happy that my pet liked the food. I hate wasting money on food that my pet won't eat, but that wasn't a problem with this food! September 29, 2013
So healthy for them and they love the taste! We have fed our 4-legged canine, hairy children Science Diet for over 20 years. We love that Science Diet cares about the ingredients they add to their food and we love that our hairy kids love the taste. Coco, age 12, and Scooter, age 7, have never had another food other than Science Diet (both dry and canned) in their lives and we believe this is why they are so happy and healthy! Keep up the good work, All! We're lovin' it! September 7, 2013
This product helped save my dog When we adopted my first dog two years ago, he was 6 months old and extremely underweight and sickly. We knew that he needed lots of love and a food that shared that same love for pets, so we chose to try Hill's Ideal Balance and now he is as healthy and happy as a dog can be and we own alot to the Hill's family for helping us get him there. August 6, 2013
Excellent for food sensitivity My Cairn has allergic reactions to certain (dog) foods and throws up bile in the morning quite frequent. At the Veterinarian office we were introduced to this new food and I bought a bag at the office. It is amazing: His coat looks fabulous after 4 weeks, energy is WAY up and we took him off the occasional anti acid medication he needed to tolerate his lamb and rice food (from another company). I like the ingredient list and the results are stunning, my Cairn loves this food and tolerates it very well, no more bile "issues". This is a keeper. Definitely highly recommended. July 2, 2013
helped with skin probems We switched from science diet with grain to Ideal balance with chicken and our Doberman's skin was much improved June 29, 2013
Big help to my dog My female lab mix has had ear allergies her entire life. Countless prescriptions and nutrition advice has done little to change this. When I started using Ideal Balance products specially catered for my dog's age and health, I saw immediate improvement. Her ear infections have been greatly reduced and she is so much happier not having to shake and paw at her ears constantly. June 29, 2013
The features of this product great. I started to buy this product for my two rescues. They really like the taste and it has the nutrients that I want for my dogs. I am now fostering a puppy and I bought the puppy food for her and she likes it and is tolerating it very well. June 29, 2013
Great filler free product I was thrilled last summer to find a corn free product that my dogs actually enjoy. Our dog kept having reoccurring UTIs and bladder infections. Since we eliminated corn, no issues! June 11, 2013
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