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Grain Free Natural Chicken & Potato Recipe Adult - Dry

Grain free natural ingredients perfectly balanced
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Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Grain Free Natural Chicken & Potato Recipe Adult 4.9 5 52 52
Ideal Balance is the top of the line from Hills I was lucky enough to be able to try a free bag of Hill's new grain free dry dog food. I opened my bag right away and gave my pickiest dog (Fussy) a few nuggets to try. According to Fussy she says it tastes great and even asked for more. November 27, 2013
Perfect for my dog with allergies I have tried so many dog foods, this is the only one that my dog still loves and its has been over a year! He has horrible allergies and this is the only food that has not caused an upset. Other foods we would get sick of and refuse to eat, he loves his chicken and potato grain free food! He is 3 and finally has a clean bill of health and I owe it to Hill's! Not too expensive like other brands with grain-free lines. I would recommend this product in a heartbeat. November 6, 2013
Love that it is grain free. We took care of a friends young dog. They told us the dog just won't eat his dog food unless they mixed in people food with it. At one of the pet stores we purchased this Ideal Balance food and thought why not try it. Bingo, their dog loved it. You now have a new customer and our new dog will certainly be on it. Thanks. November 4, 2013
I love that it is grain free! My dog loves the taste and I like the smaller bites. I also like the packaging. It stays fresher longer. My dog has always been on Science Diet and is healthy and happy! May 27, 2014
I like that it is balanced to mee his needs. My dog is fussy what he eats and he really likes Ideal Balance. I give him this most of the time along with some of the Metabolic. these seem to be his favorites. May 12, 2014
Awesome Love a great natural product that is great for my dogs health and they love May 10, 2014
LOVE THIS DOG FOOD I can't believe I found a dog food that is healthy and that my dog actually enjoys. He seriously won't eat anything else. He also used to have allergies and because this does not contain wheat, corn, or any of the bad things all of his allergic reactions do not exist. I've tried pretty much every food there is and will never switch again. Oh and made in the USA is even better. May 9, 2014
Can soft food This product is wry good. I love that it's grain free but I'm not big on feeding my my dog soft foods bout I would totally feed her this product. She seemed to enjoy it a lot April 25, 2014
It is a great value for above quality product I have a mini dachshund and since they have a pretty good chance of being overweight and joint issues, I wanted to get him a food that he would like and be good for him also. Wow! He loves the food and the amount satisfies him and he has a coat that everyone tells me is the shiniest and softest ever! I want the best for him and I believe for the cost and quality, I have found it. Even swapped my four cats. They love it too! February 27, 2014
Doggy Delicious This food is literally mouth watering for our dog! He loves his Ideal Balance meal times. We have not had an issues with the food and again, Duke Dog loves it! February 17, 2014
Easy Digest for Smaller Breeds After multiple breakout, hot spots, bowel from none to runny, and so on - these toys are not your typical dog food type. Many trial and error of many brands from common to pet store only - this is one of the few the hold the line. They boys eat it, have regular potty breaks, and are their happy self in a bite size they can bite off. February 4, 2014
My dog ate the food right away My german shepherd seems to enjoy the dog food very much. He eats Hills Science Diet Active Longevity Original Mature Adult and Ideal Balance Grain Free Natural Chicken & Potato recipe Adult. Both great products. He also enjoys T/D Cannine Dental Health January 27, 2014
My pet really seems to enjoy Coat looks much better, stools seem better, he loves to eat it. May go back to regular ideal balance, just happened to get grain free this time December 30, 2013
One word: AMAZING!!! I have 1 dog that is super picky on his food choices and another that is allergic to grains & beef. The Grain Free Chicken & Rice (with or without allergies) are both of my dogs favorite. Anytime I open a new bag that drool over it as if they are getting a treat. My dog with allergies ears have cleared as well as his stomach rashes with just a simple change of diet (no more expensive vet meds and ear cleansers). If you are thinking of trying it out, do so. Even the pickiest of dogs love the taste! December 23, 2013
This product is BY FAR the best dry pet food I have purchased for my dogs! My dogs LOVE this dry food!!!! They can be picky eaters, but have never hesitated to completely clean their bowls at feeding time. This product will be my only choice now for a grain-free dry dog food for my pets, and I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you have a picky eater at home. LOVE this product! December 22, 2013
this product is great that it has healthy ingredients such as cranberries and brown rice which my pet enjoys I would highly recommend this product. It is a great upgrade to the high standards that hills has always had. Great job Hills!!! December 20, 2013
great dog food My dog always cleans her bowl when i feed her. I like that it is grain free and good for her and that it's cheaper than other brands on the market. December 18, 2013
Free box of food & goodies My yorkie received a free box of food, treats etc from Hill's. she is very picky. gave her few bites of ideal balance grain free chicken & potato dry kibble food, she did her happy dance & ate it!! TYSM!!! November 8, 2013
This product is very good for my dog I have gone through several different dog foods and the Ideal Balance does best all around for my baby gurl. She also enjoys when I mix it with the wet canned food. Will forever stick to this product. Please Do Not discontinue! October 25, 2013
BEST THING YOU CAN FEED YOUR PET HANDS DOWN! i used to think that Dog Chow was ok. but when we got Zeus 2 years ago, We had him on Puppy Chow to start, then went to switch over, he wouldn't eat it. I started looking for what would be the very best for him that he would enjoy eating. Afterall, would you eat something every day that you didn't like? why should he? i looked at other foods which claimed to be the best "B Buff". i found out dogs would not eat the lifebits. I was told by a rep " if they won't eat the lifebits mix it with wet food. why would i pay top $ for something that i have to mix wet food into to make my dog eat it? then i found grain free zeus loves this food and he doesn't pass gas or burp any more either win win! lol thanks Hill's!!! October 22, 2013
Great Puppy Food After researching a lot of different types of food for my puppy I chose yours due to quality ingredients. She loves it and so far is a very healthy pup. I plan to stay with your product because we can move to different life stages as she grows without a lot of disruption to her diet. October 11, 2013
great quality My two dogs are very fussy but loved this product from the very start.It has excellent nutritional value also so I know my dogs are getting what they need to be healthy. September 29, 2013
A top pick, quality dog food. 5 years ago I adopted my Jack Russell from a nearby city's animal shelter. From what the animal control officer told me, he was there for a long time. But, I was glad that he was my property now, and didn't have to live in a shelter anymore with the risk of being put down. They sent me home with a huge bundle of about 4 bags of Science Diet dry dog food wrapped together to go home with him. I have tried well over 15 different brands of dry bagged dog food since, but my Pepi loves Science Diet the best! He will ignore other brands of dry dog food, and take a very long time to eat because they are not tasty for him. But, he will eat Science Diet, and that makes me glad. When the new grain-free came out not too long ago, I was glad to pick up a bag for him. He absolutely loved it, and happily ate it. I don't know what you put in your food that sets it apart from other companies, maybe it's higher quality ingredients, but he likes yours the best! And, that can only make me happy as my dog's mom and friend. September 29, 2013
This product has excellent ingredients to maintain my dogs health and weight About the best thing I can say is that my Boys love grain free chicken and potato recipe kibbles. My family has been feeding our dogs Hill's for years. September 16, 2013
The size and flavor appeal to my dog. Our dog's vet highly recommended Hill's products. We transitioned from Science Diet to Ideal Balance, and, although we liked both foods, the change worked so well that we have continued with Ideal Balance. Both at home and when kenneled, our dog eats eagerly. (Care-givers tell us that she really "chows down.") She loves both chicken and salmon flavors. Her stools are solid and regular, her coat is silky. I feel that Ideal Balance, with its plant-based ingredients, will serve her well as she ages. September 12, 2013
Ideal Balance--My dog thinks it's grrreat My dog eats with a vigorous appetite and still wants more. Because she eats so rapidly, I divide her meals into two parts--bowl and IQ Ball. This slows her down somewhat. September 11, 2013
This product has great features My dog loves the grain free chicken/potato food. She never ate more than once a day with her other food. The other day she ate 3 meals for the first time. Not all full helpings but enough for her. September 8, 2013
Natural, grain-free dry food stops tummy bloating, with no artificial colors/flavors/preservatives. I've had dogs for 45 years. I've tried all the brands -- from supermarkets and pet-stores, dry and canned. Ideal Balance grain-free dry dog food is more costly, but I've FINALLY found a brand that prevents their tummies from bloating. It has no preservatives or artificial colors or artificial flavors. I currently have 4 dogs: a bichon, shih-tsu, schnauser, and lasha apsu. They like the dry, natural-chicken-and-potato blend best. September 7, 2013
This is our dogs 2nd favorite This is our dogs 2nd favorite dog food of your Ideal Balance Grain Free dog food. She eats this up and about licks a hole in the bowl cleaning it out. I recommend this product to others looking for a grain free dog food. July 29, 2013
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