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Large Breed Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult - Dry

Natural ingredients perfectly balanced for large breed dogs
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Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Large Breed Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult 4.8 5 24 24
This product is essencial for our pets lives It maintains their health and beautiful coats, they have energy beyond belief. December 1, 2013
All our Irish Wolfhounds love it! I have had multiple dogs and puppies through the years thanks to having my own and also fostering. I always put them on Science Diet! I had a cocker spaniel that suffered from constant seizures for 9 years of her life that had different vets unable to find the cause. Change her food to Science Diet and seizures disappeared for her remainder surviving years! Ever since then my three adult Irish Wolfhounds have been on SD Ideal Balance. They love the taste, their health is perfect and their coats are gorgeous and healthy. Its the perfect protein level for them! My 9 week old Irish Wolfhound puppy is on another type of Ideal Balance as well! September 26, 2013
Loved it! I first gave Cody a few pieces of your product in one spot and his old food in another. He went for yours and looked for more. :) September 8, 2013
Keeps my dog happy and healthy We are very happy with Ideal Balance and our dog seems to enjoy it. His coat and skin are awesome and all his vet visits say he is is great shape. Just like we do for ourselves it is important to give your pet good quality food. Thanks Hills!!! November 26, 2014
My Yellow Lab Loves This Food I have a 4.5 year old Yellow Lab named, Duke. He was eating a competitive product for a few years and had skin, hair and digestion problems. I switched him to Ideal Balance Large Breed one year ago and he loves it. His skin and coat are as beautiful as ever and he has also slimmed down to a more ideal weight. I now recommend Ideal Balance to all my family and friends with pets. It has been great for our big guy. October 22, 2014
Great! My dog looks so much better. This product is a truly balanced dog food. My dog's coat looks great and she has so much energy. September 24, 2014
Great taste, not too large of pieces We were feeding our 1 year old Saint Bernard Hill's Science Diet Healthy Mobility for it's great ingredients (glucosamine, fatty-acids...) up until a week or so ago. We had been noticing that he wouldn't eat it without being encouraged to or if we put a little water on it. We decided to try this instead and thought maybe a change would be good. It has smaller pieces than his previous brand which we think is great and it must taste great because he doesn't hesitate to eat now. August 21, 2014
My dog really seems to love this food Very good product.I have nine pets and they are all on hills products. July 21, 2014
Dog likes it My Bernese cross has grown up on Science Diet for Large Breeds. Recently tho, she's lost her enthusiasm for it. (It's been 5 years.) Because I had a coupon & found it on sale, I tried something new. She seems to really enjoy the change. July 19, 2014
What a difference My dog is a picky eater, he has always just nibbled at his food, never finishing his bowl. That is until we game him the Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Chicken and Brown Rice, he now licks the bowl clean. so Amazing... June 12, 2014
My dogs are kept healthy with Ideal Balance My dogs love the taste of their dog food and benefit entirely from their good nutrition. Ideal Balance is high quality and I am confident in the quality Hills provides. June 3, 2014
My dog loves this product. I have been feeding my dog this product since it came out. She loves it! She has a sensitive intestinal tract and since she had been getting this food, her stool has been normal! We love it and would reccommend it to anyone. December 20, 2013
It's ok.... I think while the product is good, I question the price per pound. For older dogs it seems these companies would come up with a "softer" dry food November 2, 2013
Too expensive This product is too expensive and not worth the extra money over the regular science diet products October 23, 2013
perfect product, I have the best vet in Las Vegas for 40 years, he keeps it simple, feed yor pets this product and you will have no problems. September 30, 2013
Awesome I have a 12 year old border collie/welsh terrier. He has grown up on Science Diet food since he was a puppy. He has never been sick one day of his healthy, playful, life!! He loves the taste of all the stages and we have been pleased with his healthy diet. I also have a 15 year old cat who has also only had Science Diet cat food and has also never been sick! We would recommend this product to any pet owners! September 26, 2013
first upscale This is my first "upscale" pet food for my dog (vs. random store brands) and he really enjoys it and seems really healthy. I still add salmon oil to help his dry skin. September 7, 2013
great product allround my dogs love this , and will be picky when I've ran out,,funny I have seven dogs and they all act the same way,,,they love their food and if for some reason it's changed out on them,, well you know the rest,,,they stick to routine around here... September 6, 2013
She loves it! My dog takes me for a run every morning around 5 or 5:30. When we get home she gets her treat and then practically knocks me down to get to her food. She loves Ideal Balance and even craves it as a treat when we are on a walk. I sometimes mix with Hills weight control and she doesn't mind. August 16, 2013
My dog loves this food I have a year old pitbull terrier mix and she has a really sensitive stomach, this product is easy on her stomach and she loves the taste. She is a picky eater too but this product she loves! August 13, 2013
MY DOGS LOVED THIS My dogs are 1.5 years and 7 years old and they both went crazy for this stuff. I will be buying this in the future! August 10, 2013
My dog loves it! I have a 100 lb shepard mix who loves Ideal Balance. He has a sensitive stomach and we transitioned over to this and he hasn't had any problems. Smooth sailing so far and he gobbles it down! July 18, 2013
Great Food! My lab has been on ideal balance for over a month. She loves it! I have tried a few different kinds of foods but it made her gassy and had stomach issues. Since I put her on chicken and brown rice no more issues. Love Love this dog food. July 18, 2013
Great dog food I changed my dog's food about 5 months ago because my dog stopped eating. I found Ideal Balance chicken and rice (mature adult) on sale at my pet store. My dog loves the taste. It also smells good. I have a 7 year old black lab and her hair is very soft and shiny after switching to this food. She also has more energy. I like that it is all natural. Great dog food. June 30, 2013
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