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Small Breed Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult - Dry

Natural ingredients perfectly balanced for small breed dogs
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Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Small Breed Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult 4.8 5 38 38
This product is excellent! We had got my dog a few months ago and he absolutely hated the food we were giving him. He kept picking at it, and getting sick. We kept trying new foods. Finally, we went to PETCO and the woman suggested this food. It was definitely in a price range that would be without our budget so we tried it. Georgie absolutely LOVES it! He hasn't gotten sick once AND he finishes it right away. Keep up the good work! December 12, 2013
My dog loves it I feel like I am being a great "parent" by giving my dog quality food that she actually enjoys. October 30, 2013
Mandy & Scruffie love "Ideal Balance" I have been trying to find a dog food for both of my dogs #Mandy is a 9 year old Beagle# & #Scruffie is a 7 year old terrier mix#. It is very hard to find a dog food that both of them will eat. Normally I would buy 2 different kinds because they just would not eat the same dog food, until I came across Hills Diet Dog food. They had a promotion going on their Ideal Balance dog food, so I decided to buy a bag to see if both would eat it... I'm telling you what, they both surprised me!!! They both eat it and love it, I am blessed to finally find something that the both of my girls like. Thank you Hill's Ideal dog food!!! :# your fan forever!!! Pepper, Mandy and Scruffie #phoenix az October 8, 2013
Product is easly digested by my pet All Hill's dry dog food products are good. When I had a diabetic dog the vet had him on the special diabetic food. April 1, 2014
A real hit with the pups!! My miniature schnauzer and chihuahua absolutely love this food. What is great is that I make it available to them all the time and they both eat "when hungry" and given the lack of filler and artificial flavor in this food, we are maintaining healthy weight. The schnauzer has trimmed up a bit (needed) and the chihuahua has gained a bit (also needed, shes a picky eater). We've had no abnormal stools since moving to ideal balance and -knock on wood- no throw ups. Schnauzers typically are prone to an upset stomach and mine is no exception when eating other types of food. I really love the no wheat, corn, soy value here as well. Since being diagnosed as allergic to wheat and also having a soy sensitivity, I have become all too conscious of how those ingredients are used unnecessarily in our own food. There is simply no reason to feed these fillers to our pets if it is avoidable. February 15, 2014
this food is grate for small dogs my smalls dogs love this I have tried other dog food for small dogs but they would not eat much of it they love Hills they eat all I put in the bowl February 4, 2014
Energetic dog I switched my small 6 year old terrier to Ideal Balance Small Breed dog food after I asked my Veterinarian about this new food in his office. The goal was to improve my dogs dry coat, a condition he always had. After the 1 week food transition period my dogs energy increased quite a bit and a month later his coat became softer and was a less dry and brittle. He really likes his food too. I feed him dry in the morning and Ideal Balance canned food for his evening meal. It works very well for him and I am very happy with this food. He loves his Ideal Balance treat after a good workout too. Definitely a very balanced food with very good results. January 7, 2014
Puppy loves it My puppy gobbles it up. Since she has been on this food she is more active. It gives her the nutrients she needs November 28, 2013
It was Healthy Our dogs didn't seem to like this one too much.Have used this brand many times before but this one they weren't too in love with.I don't think I would try it again. November 7, 2013
We trust this product. We have fed Science Diet product to our dogs for a number of years. We had a rat terrier who aged well eating your food for several years. Our vet was amazed at the energy level she maintained well into her senior years. We now have two small dogs who are eating your food. They are both healthy and active. October 20, 2013
My Cavalier gobbled it right up! When I learned about Hill's and their company story, as well as how their food was made, I was extremely impressed. Since then, I decided that I'd try three different formulas with my baby, Beauty, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I haven't been able to try the Science Diet Small Breed Adult formula, but she's been on the Ideal Balance Small Breed formula for a month now, and she took to it very easily. The IB Small Breed formula is highly palatable, and perfect for finicky eaters. It has all the right ingredients that all pet parents are looking for. My only con about this food, is that it didn't seem to make Beauty's coat as glossy as the Science Diet Healthy Mobility (Small Bites) formula did. If Hill's adjusted this formula to where it gave the similar results of the SD Healthy Mobility formula coat-wise, this food would be an all around winner! September 27, 2013
Love the new Ideal Balance My baby loves the new Hill's ideal Balance. She has been on Hill's products since she was a puppy and is perfectly happy and healthy! September 26, 2013
My dog grew a new coat of fur! my vet says Zoe has grown a whole new coat of fur since she has started eating Ideal Balance! The small bites are perfect for my 10 pound min pin mix September 26, 2013
This product is healthy, natural, and made in the USA. I tried this product after a sales representative at my local pet suupply store educated me on the differences from what I was currently using. This product uses chicken as the main ingredient, where most higher end products do not. The source of nutrients come from natural ingredients as well. Also, a factor important to me, is that this product, and all Hills products are made in the USA! September 26, 2013
Very good product as are all Hill's. Bought the product because you offered a good coupon for trying it. My dachshund loves it and I will be buying it again. September 23, 2013
Great size kibble for small dogs I like the option for a smaller size kibble and the ingredients are great! My dog does not switch types of food easily and he loved this one from the very beginning September 15, 2013
Food my dog loves A healthy enjoyable food that my dog loves because the small bites are easy for him to chew. September 9, 2013
My dog loves this product. This product is affordable, natural, and my dog loves it! September 8, 2013
The bigger bag I wish you made this in the biggest bag. So I could get away with buying it less. I also wish that the price was less, not a lot, but some. Or you had coupons more often. We live on a pension and sometimes money is tight but we dont scrimp on our pets. I would prefer that to rebates. If you can give a rebate, why not just mark it down permanently? September 7, 2013
This product has been enjoyed by my pets! Love the new product and will continue to purchase in the future. Have some picky eaters and this seems to be their favorite! Have always used Science Diet and recommend it to everyone. Thank you! September 5, 2013
Small Dog My mini poodle loves this food, and the price is very affordable. August 16, 2013
Easy switch to Ideal Balance My girl is a Shih-Tzu/Jack Russell mix so she is a high energy ball of fur! She needs a nice high protein dog food and Ideal balance provides that for her. Her coat is soft and shiny and her muscles are well defined. She's loves her food. I feel all of this is a reflection on the quality of food I give her, which is the Ideal Balance for Small Breeds Chicken and Brown Rice. August 16, 2013
Wonderful for my picky eaters I have seven chihuahuas and each have their own taste and nutrition needs. Before I was feeding them a dog food that they all seemed to agree on but the pricing was way too high for that of seven dogs. So I looked around and tried a few different food. Some they would refuse to eat, others gave them an upset stomach, others the bites were too large, didn't meet the nutrition needs or were to high in protein. But with Ideal balance I have found it to be appealing to my dogs one because it kind of smells like my granola bars and the bites are small enough for my oldest/smallest dog to eat without problem. Since I switched I have noticed a significant difference in their digestive health. They have the same nice healthy coat of hair and they cry by the contained of food for seconds. They liked it so much that I switched my cat to ideal balance. August 15, 2013
My Dog loved this My dog loved this food. I liked it because it is better for him than what we can normally afford to buy. Unfortunately, I can only purchase Hills if I have coupons or use the pets stores points program. August 14, 2013
This product has my dogs approval My dog has skin issues and this food seems to not bother him. He eats it all up whenever its fed to him. I trust your products and if he doesn't itch its fine with me. August 9, 2013
Perfect bite size I want the best for my pets so I've always used Hills products. I was really excited to see this new formula for my young adult Bishon. He loves the taste and it fills him up with less than he actually ate before. He's not begging for treats all day and his coat seems to look thicker and shinier. He's happier and more full of energy. I won't change him back, even though he was on a Hills product. He likes this one!! August 3, 2013
My dog loves this dog food. Great for my 13 yr old dog who has stomach issues. August 3, 2013
Zeena My dog Zeena a 15 1/2 year old dachshund really likes the Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe.She has only eaten Hills products from the time she was a puppy. Good healthy food, I hope to have her around for many more years. August 3, 2013
Softer coats My 3 dachshunds' coats became amazingly soft a couple weeks after beginning this food - a sure sign of great nutrition, plus they love it too! July 21, 2013
This food is great for small dogs My dog, Sadie, loves this food. It is easy for her to eat since she is a small schnauzer mix. I love that it has very healthy ingredients. July 1, 2013
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