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Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Mature Adult - Dry

Natural ingredients perfectly balanced for mature adult cats
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Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Mature Adult 4.8 5 30 30
My Cats LOVE This Product I have 4 rescue cats all over 13 years young. They're indoor cats, so there's always the risk of them getting a little too chunky in their senior years. I'm glad there's an all-natural product like Ideal Balance that my cats LOVE to eat and is healthy for them. They're still really active and playful, and I'm sure some of that has to do with the nutritional benefits of this product. I'll always be a fan and recommend it to all my fellow pet lovers. September 26, 2013
This is an excellent product. Mocha, my beloved bicolor ragdoll cat was eating Science Diet adult indoor dry cat food ever since I rescued her two years ago. When Ideal Balance came out, I asked Mocha's Vet about it. He was in favor of the new food. There are no animal byproducts, no wheat, no soy, no corn. It is a good value for the price. Most important, Mocha LOVES her new food!!! September 25, 2013
great products this is the 1st time I tried this product, Ideal Balance, my cats love it! All 3 of them eat it and wait by there bowl if it is empty! September 21, 2013
My Older Cats Love This Food! I have several older cats that I rescued as babies- ( two are now 18 and 20 years old) It is difficult to find a cat food that is both healthy and that they enjoy- Ideal Balance does both- I know they are eating the best food possible and they love it- Perfect! March 17, 2014
This cat food is great! My cat will only eat Science Diet or Ideal Balance from Hills! I tried buying her a popular store brand, but she was not having it!! She truly would not touch it!! I had to throw out a whole bag twice and go back to Science Diet and Ideal Balance. My cat seems to know what she wants just like all cats!! I will never switch again! I have had her for 16 years and she has always eaten this brand of cat food!! It is excellent!! You can't fool your cat!! February 21, 2014
Great product for the price I recently tried this for my cat. She absolutely loves it. February 15, 2014
My cats love it! Once my cats tried this food I knew I could never go back to any other brands. They eat this food with more enthusiasm than any of the other top rated brands they have tried. It's also budget friendly because the price is just right and the high quality protein keeps them from overeating. My vet always smiles ear to ear with approval when I tell her my cats are eating a Hills product. I actually got my sister and mom to switch their cats to this food too and they love it. It's just a great food! February 4, 2014
Healthy Alternative My Seal Point Himalayan has hairball issues and dry skin at times. Hill's helps control and manage these problems and he can still enjoy good quality dry food. Sometimes as a treat I will add in some of their wet food and he runs to the bowl as soon as I crack the lid! February 4, 2014
Very healthy food I have seven cats and they all love it. I know I am feeding them healthy food and they all have very shiny and soft coats. January 20, 2014
Good bang for the buck Love this product and so does my Cat, his coat is so shiny! January 8, 2014
my cats love it I used to feed my cats science diet, now all they will eat it ideal balance October 11, 2013
My cat is healthy! My cat, Jacob, had been having some medical issues and my vets were not able to figure out what exactly was going on. I decided I had to bite the bullet and put Jacob on a high quality food even though every single cat I've had has never cared for the taste. I researched a bit and decided to buy Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Mature Adult. The first thing I noticed was that Jacob seemed to LOVE the taste of this dry food. In the eight weeks that he has been eating this food, his coat just shines. He has not had any of his ongoing stomach/throat medical problems. He almost seems like a different cat. I truly believe that his health has improved. I suspect that when I changed from store brand dry cat foods to Hill's, I probably eliminated some irritant from Jacob's diet. I feel so lucky to have found Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Mature Adult because it has improved the quality of Jacob's life. I highly recommend Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Mature Adult. So does Jacob!! October 8, 2013
My Cat loves the kibble size My cat is very finicky and loves the kibble size of this food. September 26, 2013
I'll never buy another brand I've had cats for 40 years, and since I got my first kitten while working for a veterinarian, have known the quality of Hill's Science Diet. Lucy and Ethel lived to be 19 and 20, respectively, with virtually no health problems. Now, I have Zoe, who is 10 and Scarlett, who is 8 and they are doing great. They love it as much as it loves them! September 17, 2013
Seems better and easier for mature cats to eat. My older cats sometimes have trouble with throwing up dry food. These instances have greatly been reduced with this product and they seem to like much better. September 15, 2013
My cat is very fussy and he loves this food My cat is very fussy with dry food. We tried this one when it first came to the market and he loves it. September 15, 2013
this product has good ingredients,that's why i bought it. the ingredients were up to my standards but unfortunatly, my 14 year old finiky cat would not eat I gave it to my son & his cats ate it. September 14, 2013
It makes my cats happy. My cats are very happy with this product. It settles well with their delicate systems. September 12, 2013
ALL our cats LOVE this!! We have 4 cats and at least 2 are finicky when it comes to dry food. But all 4 of them absolutely love the size, taste and crunchiness of this particular flavor. Although it is just a little bit more expensive, you can't put a price tag on good nutrition and taste. Not one nugget goes to waste so it pays for itself. Will definitely continue buying this! September 9, 2013
My two cat's have told me this. We look forward to fresh Hill's Ideal Balance munchies every morming. The big cat who also gives us fresh water is our loving caring keeper. We show our love with purrs and kisses. We show our appreciation by jumping on him, pawing him and sometimes licking his eyelids along with other tricks like knocking things from the bathroom counter to the floor at the approximate time of 4:55 AM. After we get our fresh munchies we need to take a nap. We nap better because of our great munchies. We play later by chasing each other and things like that. We watch football with him, chase laser lights that seem to appear from him. We are more active and healthy with shiny furry coats because of our great munchies. September 8, 2013
It even smells good I have a older male cat who will not eat dry food. I tried a sample of this cat food (dry) and he actually ate it! When I open the bag I smell the good ingredients and believe me my cat will NOT eat dollar tree cat food. September 7, 2013
Best dry cat food for my Kitty Not only is this product healthy, full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for my cat but it comes in a easy to pour resealable bag for long term freshness. My cat loves the taste and can't get enough. I am happy for my vet to recommend this brand and I will continue to buy this flavor for my Kitty not just because she loves it but because you get a great product for the price. I highly recommend. September 2, 2013
This product has really helped my cat My 15 year old female cat loves it. The velco seal on the bag actually works and seals the bag very well. I would greatly recommend this product. September 1, 2013
Great ingredients but cats don't like the flavor. I tried Ideal Balance for all of our cats-about 20-all ages. They did not like the flavor at all. I was very disappointed because the ingredients listed were great! The product was also very high in fat which left the bowl greasy. We live in a very hot and humid climate and I believe the high fat level in the dry food did not please my cats palates. August 19, 2013
The girls love Ideal Balance As soon as I laid the bag on the counter, the girls jumped up and began pawing it. When I opened the bag, they tried to get in with the food. They love the smell and taste of Hills Ideal Balance and I like the mature cat formula. August 18, 2013
My cats love it! My two cats love the Hills Ideal Balance, and I love it too! I can trust that my cats are getting what they need. I have been feeding my cats Science Diet for 12 years! I will never give them anything else! Thank you:-) August 12, 2013
All Hill's poducts are great. My kids have the senior product and this new ideal product. August 7, 2013
easy to digest my elderly cat, who has a queasy stomach, digests this easily! July 14, 2013
Great for Weight Control My cat is getting older and we would like her to live as long as possible so we switched her to this food, which is much better for her. She has always been a little over weight, but since starting her on this food she has lost 1-2 lbs and she really enjoys the food. June 29, 2013
She Loves It! You know how you are supposed to have to introduce your pet to a new food slowly? Hah! I poured the new Ideal Balance into the infamous white space in the center of her bowl (she's not fond of that white space, seems to think it inappropriate, and prefers that I keep it covered in munchies). Immediately my gorgeous lady-like blue point Himalayan was chowing down! She loves it! Thanks, Science Diet! June 29, 2013
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