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Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult - Dry

Natural ingredients perfectly balanced
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Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult 4.8 5 34 34
My cat came a running! Although it's important to me that my cat like the product, it's even more important that I know what's going into that product. Ideal Balance seems to fit that bill for both of us. The biggest factor is that it didn't hurt her digestive system (and our olfactory system!)! December 4, 2013
MY CAT LOVES IT!!! Very high quality food that my cat absolutely enjoys! I love the top quality ingredients and health benefits that keep my cat healthy and strong. Dinky just loves the great taste and she gives it 2 paws way up! November 27, 2013
This product has Omega 3 and Omega 6 My cat is the fussiest eater you could imagine. Furthermore he has a regurgitating problem. The Ideal Balance not only encourages him to eat more but it has cut down on the "barfing" issue. I am going to stay with the Ideal Balance as he seems to like it and is keeping a good weight with it. September 11, 2013
siamese cat in love with this dry food! Have a siamese cat who is allergic to many kinds of cat food containing corn and wheat so it was important to find a food that he wanted to eat and could tolerate. He is in love with this food and comes running when he hears the bag open! He no longer scratches himself raw after eating and seems to have more energy overall. June 27, 2013
This stuff is amazing!! As soon as I heard about this food I ran out and got some. I have three cats, they are all inside cats and recently They have started developing some digestive problems and dry heaves I am assuming due to hairballs, but I started feeding them Ideal Balance and whoo! what a change. I have already started seeing their stomach problems dissipate. The best part is they love this stuff! May 29, 2013
My cat loves it! I love how it is good for my pet. No artificial flavors and/or colors and preservatives. Healthy for my cat, that's all I want in pet food. A little pricier than others, but well worth it! May 12, 2013
We both like Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Chicken and Brown Rice My cat loves Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Chicken and Brown Rice food and I love it too. I am confident my cat is getting the best nutrition possible and she likes the food. Her health is important to me, making sure she gets the best to look and feel her best is a bonus. Thanks for the great cat food! July 6, 2014
Great for finiky eaters! I have a female Ragdoll that isn't a big eater. She's a little picky and we were having difficulty getting her at a good weight on just the adult optimal care. We decided to give the Ideal Balance a try and WOW! She loves it - she's eating about 50% more than before! Her coat is even softer and shinier. I didn't think that was even possible as the adult is great in that area too. So happy we gave it a try! June 9, 2014
Good food more energy This is a great food and most importantly...the cats like it! It can be the best food on Earth but if the cats don't eat it...what good is it? I have also noticed that some of my cats are more active than they were, so better health inspires more play:) Always a good thing. I only wish that this food came in a larger bag size and was a bit less expensive but all in all...its a great food. April 25, 2014
They fight to be the first one at the dish. I admit, I have tried to upload this review a few times without success, so it has gotten shorter each time. I bought Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult because I had a coupon. I don't buy it all the time because it is expensive and I have 3 cats to feed, but I have to say....they love it. They fight over who will get to the dish first. I'm not adding a picture this time. March 18, 2014
Amazing Improvement in Senior Cat My 14-year old cat has rebounded from being a crabby, reclusive pet displaying significant aches and pains -- into a more playful, energetic, sociable cat who enjoys being brushed and petted (instead of biting me because it hurt!). My two younger cats, ages 2 and 5, eat the same Ideal Balance food and love it. I was reluctant to change foods, but I believe my cats eat less of Ideal Balance and all of them show more energy and overall good health than on their previous food, also a high quality brand that's been around for years. There is very little picking through the food bowl and less food on the floor that's been licked and rejected. I haven't changed anything else in their diets so I feel certain these improvements are from a better balanced diet. Without hesitation, I recommend Hill's Ideal Balance cat food! March 10, 2014
Finally found a cat food they can all eat! We have 4 cats, all rescues. Our 10 year old has a very sensitive stomach, the 4 year old has digestive issues, the 3 year old is picky and the 2 year old has spina bifida which causes serious digestive issues. Anything we tried would have a bad digestive effect on at least one of them. When Ideal Balance came out we gave it a try. It worked, for all 4 of them! They come down in the morning, and all meow waiting for their bowls. No more throwing up all the time, no more accidents or other digestive problems. We're very thankful for this product and definitely recommend it for everyone. We like it because of the ingredients and it keeps our feline family happy. February 4, 2014
Healthy food they eat. I have 3 cats with 3 very different preferences, but they all like Hills Ideal health. When I bring home a bag, I have to immediately dump it into the plastic container or they will eat a whole in the bottom of the bag and help themselves. February 4, 2014
My cats love it! Tried this food (all of the adult cat flavors) because I have multiple cats and sometimes one or more gets a stomach upset. I thought perhaps the grain in other cat food was causing bloating, etc. The cats fell in love with this food and I've noticed a lot less gastric issues. It would be great if it was a little less expensive since I'm feeding a bunch, or that more coupons were offered to help with the cost but I'll keep buying it because the cats like it and it seems to be healthier for them. February 1, 2014
She LOVES it! My cat Midnight is a very finicky eater. In the past I could not get her to consistently eat a food she would stick with. I decided to swing into a Tractor Supply and that's when I stumbled upon the bag. I decided to give it a try and she LOVES it! It has been about 6-7 months, and she is just as excited to eat it as when she first tried it! I will continue to stick with this food and it made her coat plush and shiny and soft. I am so glad I had decided to give it a go. :) January 14, 2014
My 15 year old cat approves I have a 15 year old cat & 2 1 1/2 year old kittens. All 3 love this food. I purchased the mature & the adult ideal balance. I switched from Royal Canin. II am very pleased, they like the food for they are very much a part of my family and I try my best to give them proper nutrition. January 11, 2014
It's food My cats seem to like it and it's better quality than some other products out there, but it's nothing special. It's the minimum quality I feel comfortable feeding my cats. December 31, 2013
My cats love this food!! I recently received a rebate to try this food, and my cats love it!! I also blend it with the Prescription K/D diet for my female cat, and she has no problem digesting this food. I highly recommend it!! November 22, 2013
I love that chicken is the first ingredient. I switched my 10 year old cat to Ideal Balance when it first appeared in my pet supply store (all my cats switched) He still eats a mix of the old and new food but when I use more of the Ideal Balance I can see a change in his fur: it is softer and shinier. To me, that means a healthier cat. November 22, 2013
Our cats love it. They're both lean, healthy cats with tons of energy! Beautiful coats, too. November 3, 2013
Ideal Balance cat and dog food. My cats and dogs not only love the taste, it is nutritious to. I trust Hills and Science Diet for all my pets food. October 30, 2013
It's good for Zamboni I adopted Zamboni from a local shelter 6 months ago. He came with a sniffly nose, skinny as a rail, and his coat a total mess. I figured he needed some vegetables in his diet to get him back on track and since I've always used Science Diet foods, I decided to try out your new product, Ideal Balance. Six months later, he's the healthy cat poster boy and he eats his vegetables every day. September 28, 2013
Finicky Kitty Our kitty Missy prefers wet food but requires the balanced diet. We tried several brands with several flavors and she clearly preferred the Hill's Ideal Balance. In fact, she cleans her dish with every feeding. Good stuff for her, and she enjoys it too. September 26, 2013
soft and shiny cats My cats have gotten softer and shiner since eating ideal balance September 26, 2013
Wonderful features This product was a big hit with my cat. He is somewhat a picky eater, but he loved this! The kibbles are more palatable for a dry food. Although the price is a little expensive for such a small bag, I feel like my cat doesn't want or need to eat as much dry food as he used to when eating a different brand. September 18, 2013
Meat first Finally a product from Hills that has the meat first with no corn type grains and the best part is Sandy likes it!!!! September 18, 2013
My Cat Loves It! I have been feeding my cat Science Diet for about 2 years now. She started vomiting about 2 months ago. I was checking out the other foods from Hills and found the Ideal Balance. I liked that it was grain free. My worries about her not liking it were gone with the first scoop!! She loves it!! She eats a little more now and hasn't vomited for 2 weeks. I also like the velcro closure on the bag. Why haven't we seen that sooner? That is fantastic! Thank You Hills for caring as much about our pets as we do. September 12, 2013
Great to try This product was recommended when I adopted my cat from the SPCA. So far so good. My cat likes the product and the SPCA sampler provided a coupon for my next purchase. With the product rebate and the coupon, it doesn't hurt to try it. I have started to notice a change in the shine of my cat's coat and his "output" doesn't smell as bad as with other cat food. August 20, 2013
Ideal Balance has kept my cat happy and healthy all year! When I adopted Bridgette, they recommended "Science Diet" but when I went to the pet store to purchase it the sales clerk, (who had been a vet. tech went none step further and said this was an even better product for the money). I am so glad she informed me about "Ideal Balance." This product is all about high quality "natural balanced nutrition," "building strong bones and teeth, promoting lean muscle growth, healthy digestion, a strong immune system and a healthy weight,(i.e. not overweight). I have to add that Bridgette's coat has the healthiest, thickest look of any of the felines that I've ever owned, and she loves the food. August 17, 2013
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